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Ideally, all dogs live in one loving home from puppyhood until death. However, LPDR understands this isn’t always possible. People become ill, die, divorce, move overseas, develop allergies, lose their jobs, lose their homes, etc. Any of these situations, among others, can be a reason for a dog coming into rescue.

If you feel you are in a situation where you need to surrender your dachshund, here is are the steps that you should take.

Contact Little Paws Dachshund Rescue

Contact us via e-mail at or by visiting our contact page.

LPDR does not guarantee the acceptance of every owner surrender into rescue. During the initial interview, our Intake Coordinator will evaluate your situation to determine whether to proceed to the next step in the surrender process.

If your dog is accepted into our rescue, they will be placed in a carefully screened foster home for whatever length of time is necessary to assess his/her medical, behavioral and social needs. We will then make them available for adoption to a family that has also been carefully screened.

You should be aware that older dogs and dogs with medical problems may take longer to place. These dogs are given the best care possible to make them feel comfortable while they await their new homes. Dogs that are surrendered together will be assessed to determine if they need to be placed in a foster home together. We will require only bonded pairs stay together in foster homes and be adopted together.

While in foster care, we spend time assessing the dog. This is where we learn about the dog’s likes and dislikes, and personality. By being as honest as possible with us, you can help us place the dog successfully. It is vitally important that we have a complete medical history on the dog.

Contact Your Vet

Contact your vet and get a copy of your dog’s medical records, including rabies tag and microchip registration, if applicable.

This will save them from being unnecessarily re-vaccinated. If your dog is unaltered, needs vaccines, heart-worm testing, or a dental cleaning, please do your dog one last favor and take care of these veterinary needs. LPDR dogs are vetted, micro-chipped, neutered/spayed, brought up to date on vaccinations (as necessary) and put on heart-worm prevention before being placed for adoption. Taking responsibility for these veterinary necessities for your own dog will allow us to place your dog sooner and allow LPDR to channel funds to the truly neglected dogs that are strays or are left in shelters or veterinary offices, some needing extensive medical treatment.

If you are unable to get your dog up-to-date on vaccinations and spayed/neutered, please consider a monetary donation upon surrendering your dog to help cover part of these costs. We sincerely appreciate receiving a monetary donation from the dog’s owner whenever it’s financially possible. This will help to cover the cost of vaccination, and testing. Visit our donation page for more information.

Complete Owner Surrender Form

An Owner Surrender Form will be sent to you to complete. Please be thorough and accurate. This form lets us know about your dog’s likes and dislikes, fears, favorite activities, toys or treats, etc. By completing and signing this form, LPDR agrees to intake your dog and assume full legal and ethical ownership and responsibility for your dog.

Whenever feasible, you’ll be asked to bring your dog to a designated intake location, or to participate in transporting at least part of the way if you are a long distance from the rescue representative or foster home. Make sure your dog is wearing a collar/harness and ID tags for the trip.

Determine which of your dog’s belongings you can send with him/her. Having their own crate, bed, toys, jacket, etc., not only keeps the dog more comfortable by being around familiar objects, but relieves rescue of the financial burden of purchasing a number of items for your dog. Please send food that your dog is used to, and pack up medications or supplements your dog needs, along with instructions for administration of them.

Additional Information

All of our dogs are placed first in pre-approved foster homes. Except in the case of strays or dogs coming from shelters where contagious illnesses might threaten the pets of our foster families, we do not board our dogs at kennels, veterinarian’s offices, groomers, etc. Our prescreened and well educated foster families are provided with support from other volunteers and foster families as well as trainers and veterinarians when appropriate.

If you would like to surrender your dog to the LPDR, please email us at for the fastest service. Please understand that we are an all-volunteer organization and that it may take up to 48 hours to get back to you regarding your inquiry. In addition, once we decide to take a dog, please understand that it takes time to find a foster home and arrange transport. Typically it is not an extremely quick process so be prepared for a wait period before we can accept your dachshund.

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